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Color Grading and Color Correction Course


Introducing the Syndicate Film School's Monthly Subscription Program, a unique and immersive educational experience tailored specifically for adults and teens with a passion for the world of film. Students are treated to an ever-evolving journey into filmmaking, no matter where they are on their creative path. Each month, students are taught by esteemed industry professionals, covering diverse topics from the intricacies of screenwriting and the vision of directing, to the precision of editing and cinematography techniques. Beyond these instructional sessions, students gain unfettered access to a valuable library brimming with essential resources like scripts, storyboards, and shot lists.

But Syndicate's commitment to its community doesn't stop there. Live, interactive workshops become avenues for budding filmmakers to showcase their work and receive invaluable feedback, promoting both growth and refinement. And in an industry where connections can make all the difference, our exclusive networking events pave the way for collaborations, mentorships, and friendships. As a cherry on top, being a part of the Syndicate community also means enjoying exclusive discounts on filmmaking software, equipment rentals, and even film festival entries.


At Syndicate, we understand that filmmaking is not just an art; it's a profession that marries creativity with commerce. That's why our comprehensive curriculum is designed to empower aspiring filmmakers with a dual-edged sword of knowledge. Beyond the techniques of storytelling, directing, cinematography, and editing, we delve deep into the business end of filmmaking. From financing and budget management to distribution and marketing strategies, our courses equip students with the essential skills to navigate the complex landscape of the film industry. By integrating the art and business of filmmaking, we prepare our students not just to enter the industry, but to redefine it.



Teen Filmmaking

At Syndicate Film School, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the film production process. From pre-production planning to post-production editing, our programs cover every aspect of making a film.


Adult Programs

Your journey to becoming a filmmaker starts at Syndicate Film School. Join us in New Jersey, the vibrant hub of cinematic creativity, and embark on a transformative educational experience. Whether you're a novice or an enthusiast, our diverse programs cater to all skill levels.

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